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Sytsma, Michigan, USA




A small summary from the family tree.


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      The old map is a part of Friesland.

      In the middle a small place:  IDSKENHUIZEN.

      There lived the whole family, including Fetze and Johanna.




                   see: III.1  RINTJE HEINS  ( He is our blood line)

                                   Born/ geboren 1670-1680

                                   Died/ overleden before 1716 at Idskenhuizen

                                   He was farmer

                                   Married/ gehuwd TRYN JANS


His son  IV. 4             SYTSE RINTJES

                                   Born 1700-1710

                                   Died 1768 Idskenhuizen

                                   Married AKKE FETZES

                                   He has 8 children


                                   1 Rintje

                                   2 Fetze born 1736  (your bloodline)  see / zie  V.4

                                   3 Neltje                                                         Fetze V. 4 and Heyn V. 11

                                   4 Tetje                                                          are brothers

                                   5 Heyn  born 1745 (mine bloodline)  see V. 11

                                   6 Hiltje

                                   7 Hiltje

                                   8 Jan   


V.4      FETZE SYTSES SIETZEMA          He is the grandfather from Fetze (Frederick) Sytsma

           Born 9-12-1736 at Idskenhuizen

           Died 2-8-1820 at Idskenhuizen

           First marriage: Uulkjen Gerrits

           Second marriage Geeske Alberts Hooysma


           Out of second marriage / tweede huwelijk

 VI.32 ALBERT FETSES SIETZEMA  see VI. 32    He is the father from Fetze (Frederick) Sytsma

           Born 3-1-1785 at Idskenhuizen

           Died 5-3-1864 at Idskenhuizen

           Married 6-10-1815 Trijntje Willems Hofstra

           They have 10 children / last nr. 10



           Born 13-3-1837 at Idskenhuizen

           Married 6-5-1865 JOHANNA van der SCHEER

                                        Born 1846 at Ommen


           He was farmer / village policeman and shopkeeper

           The family was more than 240 years farmer in this place Idskenhuizen

           He is going to America 29-4-1889 with the ship “Obdam”

           They arrive in America at 16-5-1889 white 4 children

           Albert born 1870, Roelof (Ralph) born 1878, Hendrik (Henry) born 1883 and                           

           Evert  (Edward) born 1886 


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